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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. EWE ENVISION a better quality of life for all persons living with and affected by epilepsy in Zimbabwe. OUR MISSION is to capacitate people living with epilepsy to overcome the many challenges that they encounter by ensuring that they secure diagnosis, medical treatment and rehabilitation, social assistance and care, education and training among other things. The fact that over 75% of people with epilepsy can not afford their basic need to treatment and that government is failing to provide meaningful and adequate social assistance has guided our charitable philosophy since 1990.

The Epilepsy Support Foundation (ESF) was registered on 17 April 1990 as voluntary welfare organization number 1190 to support the welfare of people living with epilepsy through treatment, education, awareness advocacy, networking, medication, diagnosis, counseling and social support services. The ESF founding member Nicholas George lived more than 40 years of his life with epilepsy. At 12, Nicholas was forced out of a government school because of epilepsy. He inspired laypersons and professionals to form the association in 1990. The ESF now has regional branches and support groups across the country. It offers membership to people living with epilepsy (PLWE), friends, relatives and corporate membership to organizations. The Foundation has an epilepsy centre in Hatfield, Harare - the Nicholas Arthur George Epilepsy Centre offering counseling, social, nursing and fundraising services.

he Foundation is a member of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and its Regional Committee in Africa and works closely with the International League Against Epilepsy through its local chapter, the Zimbabwe League Against Epilepsy. The ESF cooperates closely with government and non-government agencies in Zimbabwe. The Foundation is also a member of the National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped, and National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO).

We, at the Epilepsy Support Foundation, believe that although PLWE face challenges that hinder their development socially, psychologically, medically, educationally and economically, with your support this situation can be reversed and we can together offer those living with epilepsy a better quality life and better opportunities to realize their personal potential.

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